Tobias Gregson

From The Arthur Conan Doyle Encyclopedia

Fictional character.

In the Sherlock Holmes stories


  • Sherlock Holmes said : « Gregson is the smartest of the Scotland Yarders, he and Lestrade are the pick of a bad lot. They are both quick and energetic, but conventional - shockingly so. They have their knives into one another, too. They are as jealous as a pair of professional beauties.  » (STUD, 447)
  • It is just in such details that the skilled detective differs from the Gregson and Lestrade type. (STUD, 693)


Relationship with Holmes

  • He consulted Sherlock Holmes in A Study in Scarlet. (STUD)
  • Sherlock Holmes said : « When Gregson, or Lestrade, or Athelney Jones are out of their depths - which, by the way, is their normal state - the matter is laid before me. » (SIGN, 40)