A Message from the Deep Sea

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A Message from the Deep Sea

A Message from the Deep Sea is the 1st episode in season 1 of the BBC TV series: The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes. Aired on 20 september 1971. 50 min.

Dr. John Evelyn Thorndyke is a fictional character created by Richard Austin Freeman in 1907.

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Plot summary

Dr. Thorndyke is asked by a former student to help on his first murder case. A prostitute is murdered and it seemed to be a woman has killed the lady. Dr. Thorndyke helps find the actual murderer with the evidence available.


  • Dr. Thorndyke : John Neville
  • Dr. Jervis : James Cossins
  • Dr. Davidson : Bernard Archard
  • Sergent Bates : Terence Rigby
  • Mrs Goldstein : Eve Pearce
  • Judge : Morris Percy
  • Dr. Hart : Paul Darrow
  • Solicitor : Nicholas Smith
  • Superintendant Miller : Edward Dentith
  • Sam Turner : Ray Lonner
  • May O'Brien : Jean Marlowe
  • Paul Petrofsky : Stanley Lebor
  • Polton : Frank Mills
  • Kate Wilfer : Valérie Bell
  • Edith Johnson : Joanna Cooper

  • Director : Jonathan Alwyn
  • Screenplay : George Markstein
  • Producers : Robert Love, Jonathan Alwyn
  • Music : Robert Sharples