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Obituary in The Evening News (Portsmouth) (7 july 1930, p. 9)

Lists of obituaries of the Conan Doyle family and other relatives or persons connected with Arthur Conan Doyle (friends, secretary, colleagues, professor, cricket, etc). The list also includes some tributes.

The lists are sorted by date of death.

Arthur Conan Doyle

7 july 1930

8 july 1930

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Michael Edward Conan (great uncle)

Henry Doyle (uncle)

Louisa Conan Doyle (first wife)

Kingsley Conan Doyle (1st son)

Jean Conan Doyle (second wife)

Denis Conan Doyle (2nd son)

Adrian Conan Doyle (3rd son)

Anna Conan Doyle (Adrian's wife)


George T. Budd

Dr. Joseph Bell

Jacques Futrelle

W. G. Grace

Alfred H. Wood