The Other Side

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The Other Side (1992)

The Other Side is an episode of the British TV series Encounters written by David Ashton and directed by Gareth Davies, produced by BBC, aired on BBC2 on 29 august 1992, starring Frank Finlay as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Richard E. Grant as Sherlock Holmes. 50 minutes.

This drama is about an encounter between Arthur Conan Doyle and the ghost of his creation Sherlock Holmes summoned by a medium, Madame Moshel [1]. The ghost accuses him of a triple betrayal : 1) having betrayed his father by let him died in an asylum, 2) having betrayed his first wife Louisa by neglecting her while she was dying of tuberculosis, and 3) having betrayed Sherlock Holmes by killing him and turn his whole attention to spiritualism. The Sherlock Holmes ghost is in fact a trick by the medium's brother.


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  • Director : Gareth Davies
  • Screenplay : David Ashton
  • Producer : Paddy Higson
  • Associate Producer : Paul Pender
  • Production Manager : Maryann Wilson, Jill Welsh
  • Production Associate : Annette Howat
  • Production Assistant : Irene Aitkenhead
  • Assistant Floor Manager : Gilian Glendinning
  • Script Editor : Patrick McGrady
  • Fight Arranger : Alexis Denisof
  • Props : Mike Ireland
  • Graphic Designer : Jim Jackson
  • Visual Effects : Dave Havard
  • Costume Design : Elaine Nichols
  • Make-up Design : Jean Lombardini
  • Chargehand Electrician : Andy McCormack
  • Vision Supervisors : Dave Wood, Joe Breslin
  • Cameras : Des O'Hare, Al Rae
  • Sound Supervisor : Bob Gillies
  • VT Editor : Peter Hayes
  • Music : Rab Handleigh
  • Lighting Director : Stuart Wyld
  • Designer : Jim Longmuir

  1. Moshel is the anagram to Holmes.