Watson's Map

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Watson's Map (PC)

Watson's Map is a logic video game developed and published by Everett Kaser in 2004. PC/Mac.

Editor's description

In this sequel to the popular logic game Sherlock, Holmes has sent Dr Watson on a mission to Venice, Italy, armed with a specially encoded map. The nefarious Professor Moriarty is hot on his trail, and you must help Watson decode the map so he can safely get to his destination! In the licensed version, there are over 100 maps and each map has over 65,000 puzzles. Each puzzle has from 1 to 5 "things" (people, pets, etc) in each of from 3 to 10 buildings, and there are from 3 to 10 bridges over 3 to 8 canals. You must use the graphical clues to deduce where things are located. Engrossing fun for the logic puzzle fanatic hiding within you!


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