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Pastiches & Parodies

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Pastiches of Conan Doyle works are mostly Sherlock Holmes stories written by other authors and as such don't belong to the official Canon written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Parodies are humorous stories where the name of Holmes and Watson are changed (like Picklock Holes & Potson).

There were pastiches very early when Conan Doyle was still alive. Conan Doyle himself has wrote some pastiches : The unofficial Sherlock Holmes stories, and his own son Adrian has wrote twelve : The Exploits of Sherlock Holmes.

List of pastiches and parodies

Parodies have the parodic character names mentioned, else the characters are Sherlock Holmes and Watson

Year Title Author
1888 Hampshire on Stilts Donan Coyle (Anonymous) ---
28.11.1891 My Evening with Sherlock Holmes J. M. Barrie
19.03.1892 Robinson's Daughter Anonymous
09.04.1892 Adventures of Sherwood Hoakes: An Interrupted Honeymoon A. Come and Oil
aka Charles C. Rothwell
Sherwood Hoakes & Chasemore
---.05.1892 The Great Pegram Mystery Robert Barr Sherlaw Kombs & Whatson
28.05.1892 Adventures of Sherwood Hoakes: The Yellow Cockroach A. Come and Oil
aka Charles C. Rothwell
Sherwood Hoakes & Chasemore
22.07.1892 A Study in Red A. Donan Coyle
aka A. Dewar Willock
28.10.1892 The Real Sherlock Holmes Anonymous
03.12.1892 The Adventures of Shylock Oames: The Sign of Gore F. W. Freeman Shylock Oames & Wilkins
17.12.1892 The Man Who "Bested" Sherlock Holmes Joseph Baron
1893 The Adventure of the Two Collaborators J. M. Barrie
1893 The Mystery of the Spot Ball "C" (Anonymous)
1893 The Schooldays of Sherlock Holmes
then The Schooldays of Sherlock
Oliver McEwan
---.10.1893 Ideal Interview V. Sherlock Holmes Anyhow (Anonymous)
18.11.1893 The Adventures of Chubblock Homes (comic strips) Jack Butler Yeats Chubblock Homes
18.11.1893 Sherlock Holmes and the Missing Box Anonymous
1893-1894 The Adventures of Picklock Holes x8 Cunnin Toil
aka R. C. Lehmann
Picklock Holes & Potson
29.12.1893 The Late Sherlock Holmes J. M. Barrie
---.01.1894 The Adventure of the Table Foot Zero
aka Allan Ramsay
Thinlock Bones & Whatsoname
27.01.1894 The Last Letter from Sherlock Holmes Anonymous
1894 The Ghost of Sherlock Holmes (song) Richard Morton & H. C. Barry
1894 The Adventure of the Tomato on the Wall Ka (Anonymous)
1894 The Identity of Miss Angela Vespers Ka (Anonymous)
18.10.1894 The Recrudescence of Sherlock Holmes Frank Marshall White
24.10.1894 The Sign of the "400" R. L. Munkittrick
24.10.1894 The Coleslaw Jewel Robbery Roy L. Mccardell
27.10.1894 On the Threshold of the Chamber of Horrors Montgomery Carmichael
28.10.1894 Impressions of Sherlock Holmes Anonymous
01.12.1894 Round the Pink Pill-Box Castor Oyle
02.12.1894 The Old Age of Holmes Howard Fielding
aka Charles W. Hooke
1894 A Modern Miranda Peter Pericarp
1895 An Amateur Detective Anonymous
09.02.1895 Mrs. Dr. Sherlock Holmes Anonymous
11.02.1895 To the Ghost of Sherlock Holmes Anonymous
20.02.1895 A Trip to the Country / A La Sherlock Holmes Charles Loomis
---.04.1895 The Adventure of the Child's Perambulator Another Conan Doyle
aka Charles Loomis
07.06.1895 The Genius of Herlock Sholmes Anonymous
25.09.1895 The Reappearance of Sherlock Holmes Roy L. McCardell
12.10.1895 Solved by Sherlock Holmes Anonymous
19.02.1896 The Sherlock Holmes Theory Percie W. Hart
08.07.1896 L'Oeil du spectre [1] [FR]
The Eye of the Spectre
Sigismond Gondrin
20.11.1896 The Field Bazaar Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
23.08.1896 He Solves Another Anonymous
18.10.1896 Another Mystery Solved Anonymous
01.11.1896 Mistake Was Impossible (joke) Anonymous
winter 1896 The Röntgen-Ray-der Mr. M. (Anonymous)
19.12.1896 Another Victory for Herlock Shomes William H. Siviter Herlock Shomes
1897 A Nineteenth Century Miracle "Z. Z." aka Louis Zangwill
1897 The Stranger Unravels a Mystery John Kendrick Bangs
06.02.1897 The Pursuit of the House-Boat John Kendrick Bangs
29.01.1897 How He Did It Anonymous
17.03.1897 Perspicacity of Herlock Sholmes Anonymous Herlock Sholmes
30.04.1897 The $10,000 Robbery Anonymous
08.05.1897 Holmes and the Startled Banker Anonymous
15.05.1897 The Fatal Gas Bill Anonymous
26.06.1897 One Against Our Old Friend Sherlock Anonymous
11.07.1897 Met His Match Anonymous
01.10.1897 Value of Intuition (joke) Anonymous
19.12.1897 Another Deduction (joke) Anonymous
---.07.1898 The Story of the Man with Watches Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
---.08.1898 The Story of the Lost Special Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
1898 Mr. Punch's Animal Land E. T. Reed
08.03.1898 Misadventures of Sheerluck Gnomes T. P. Stafford Sheerluck Gnomes
---.10.1898 Lady Honiton's Diamonds Maitland L. Osborne
1899 The Enchanted Typewriter John Kendrick Bangs
1899 The Mystery of Pinkham's Diamond Stud John Kendrick Bangs
1899 Sherlock Holmes Again John Kendrick Bangs
1899 Sherlock Holmes' Latest Triumph Charles Joseph Colton
1899 Another from Sherlock Holmes Charles Joseph Colton
10.03.1900 The Disappearance of the President's Whisker x8 Anonymous Sherlock Gnomes & Totson
24.11.1900 The Stolen Cigar Case 1 A. CO--N D--LE
(aka Bret Harte)
Hemlock Jones
10.05.1901 Betrayed by His Feet (joke) Anonymous
24.11.1901 Mr. Dooley as Sherlock Holmes F. P. Dunne Mr. Dooley & Mr. Hennessy
---.12.1901 The Strange Disappearance of Mr. Buxton-Smythe P. G. Wodehouse Burdock Rose & Dr. Wotsing
10.12.1901 Stories of the Street Anonymous Sherlock Holmes & Wablins
---.03.1902 The Adventure of the Split Infinitive P. G. Wodehouse Burdock Rose & Dr. Wotsing
1902 Memoirs of Curlock Combs Newton Newkirk Curlock Combs & Dr. Spotson
1902 The Cat of the Bunkervilles Boothcut Hoyle
1902 A Double-Barrelled Detective Story Mark Twain
1903 Shylock Homes: His Posthumous Memoirs John Kendrick Bangs Shylock Homes
1903 Sherlock Holmes and Brigadier Gerard Anonymous
1903 The Prodigual P. G. Wodehouse
1903 Motoring with Sherlock Croton Oyle Mr. Romes & Dr. Scotson
29.04.1903 Dudley Jones, Bore-Hunter P. G. Wodehouse Dudley Jones
27.05.1903 Back to his Native Strand P. G. Wodehouse
30.06.1903 The Mysterious Glove Anonymous Herlock Sholmes & Swatson
12.12.1903 Sherlock Holmes: Discovering the Border Burghs, and, by Deduction, the Brig Bazaar Anonymous
26.12.1903 A Master of Magic Sadie Shaw
1903-1904 Picky Back x8 R. C. Lehmann Picklock Holes &
31.01.1904 Unheralded Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Anonymous
07.02.1904 The Decline of Southern Chivalry O. Henry Shamrock Jolnes & Whatsup
04.06.1904 Padlock Bones, the Dead Sure Detective (comic strips) H. K. MacGill Padlock Bones
02.10.1904 Some Sherlock Holmes Dope Anonymous
01.12.1904 The Adventure of the Missing Bee P. G. Wodehouse
28.12.1904 The Adventure of the Two Santa Clauses Bert Leston Taylor
1904 Sherlock Holmes (song) A. H. Hamilton
1904 How Holmes Tried Politics Anonymous
1905 Moriarty's Return T. Arnold Johnston
1905 The Adventure of the Diamond Necklace G. F. Forrest Warlock Bones & Goswell
17.02.1905 Too Much for Sherlock (joke) Anonymous
---.04.1905 The Mysterious Incident at Portland Academy Anonymous
12.08.1905 Je connais Sherlock Holmes [FR]
I Know Sherlock Holmes
Georges Docquois
1906 R. Holmes & Co. John Kendrick Bangs Son of S.H.
30.10.1906 Among the Immortals P. G. Wodehouse
1907-1911 Detectiv Sherlock Homes und seine weltberühmten Abenteuer x230 [DE]
The Detective Sherlock Holmes and his World Famous Adventures
Aus den Geheimakten des Welt-Detektivs
From the Secret Files of the World Detective [DE]
Theo von Blankensee & Kurt Matull Sherlock Holmes & Harry Taxon
02.02.1907 Les Pierres du chemin [FR]
The Stones of the Path
Jacque Vontade
27.04.1907 Sherlock Guck (comic strips) x8 Rudolph Dirks Sherlock Guck
15.07.1907 A la manière de... [FR]
In the Style of...
Sosie (Paul Reboux & Charles Muller)
1907 Our Mr. Smith Oswald Crawfurd Purlock Hone & Jobson
1907 Pour Sherlock Holmes [FR]
For Sherlock Holmes
Jean Joseph-Renaud
1907-1909 Arsène Lupin contre Herlock Sholmès x2 [FR]
Arsène Lupin versus Herlock Sholmès
Maurice Leblanc Herlock Sholmès
1908 Loufock Holmès, le détective idiot [FR]
Loufock Holmès, the dumb detective
CAMI Loufock Holmès
06.02.1908 Sherlo Kolmès   Anonymous Sherlo Kolmès
16.02.1908 Un nouvel exploit de Sherlock Holmes [FR]
A New Exploit of Sherlock Holmes
Michel Psichari
03.06.1908 Sherlock Holmes irrité [FR]
Sherlock Holmes Irritated
Paul Acker
15.06.1908 Un assassinat expliqué par un détective [FR]
A Murder explained by a Detective
Gustave Téry
15.08.1908 Sherlock Holmes Analyzes a Perfect Stranger John T. McCutcheon
12.10.1908 Sherlock Holmes chef de rayon [FR]
Sherlock Holmes, Department Manager
---.11.1908 La première affaire d'Alcide Olmès, limier [FR]
The First Case of Alcide Olmès, Sleuth
Édouard Bigot Alcide Olmès
09.11.1908 D'un cheveu [FR]
Within a hair's breadth
Jean Cordelier & Ch. Aivrard
28.11.1908 Chronique de la Quinzaine [FR]
Fortnight Chronic
François Beuscher
10.12.1908 Moi qui suis Sherlock Holmes [FR]
I who is Sherlock Holmes
Pierre Mille
12.12.1908 Sur le pouce [FR]
On the Thumb
François Beuscher
1909 Une curieuse disparition [FR]
A Curious Disappearance
Tristan Bernard
27.06.1909 Mademoiselle Sherlock [FR]
Miss Sherlock
Paul Zahori
---.11.1909 Parsifal y Sherlock Holmes [SP]
Parsifal and Sherlock Holmes
Miquel Domènech Español
1910 (1948) The Case of the Man Who Was Wanted Arthur Whitaker
1910 The Speckled Band Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
31.12.1910 La Mystérieuse affaire de Pig-Street [FR]
The Mysterious Case of Pig-Street
Pierre Mac Orlan
1910-1913 Sherlocko the Monk (comic strips) x430 Gus Mager Sherlocko & Watso
---.01.1911 The Mystery of the Missing Pawn H. T. Dickinson Herlock Shomes & Dr. Watson
1911 The Sleuths O. Henry Shamrock Jolnes
1911 The Adventures of Shamrock Jolnes O. Henry Shamrock Jolnes & Whatsup
1911 Maddened by Mystery; or, The Defective Detective Stephen Leacock
1911 Конец Шерлока Холмса [RU]
The End of Sherlock Holmes
Sergey Solomin
11.02.1911 Le Chien de Serloc Kolmes [FR]
The Serloc Kolmes's dog
Joseph Jacquin & Aristide Fabre Serloc Kolmes
13.04.1911 Conte à dormir debout [FR]
Tall Tale
14.05.1911 Eclatante défaite de Sherlock Holmes [FR]
Outstanding Defeat of Sherlock Holmes
George Auriol
23.07.1911 Encore Sherlock Holmès [FR]
Sherlock Holmes Again
Etienne Jolicler
26.08.1911 Le Coupable [FR]
The Guilty
13.01.1912 Une fin suspecte [FR]
A Suspicious End
Roland Dorgelès
1913-1952 Hawkshaw the Detective (comic strips) Gus Mager Hawkshaw & the Colonel
19.07.1913 Le Collier de perles [FR]
The Pearl Necklace
04.10.1913 Clever Deduction (joke) Anonymous
02.11.1913 M. Lépine a été volé ! L'enquête de Sherlock Holmes [FR]
Mr. Lépine has been robbed! The Sherlock Holmes Investigation
18.11.1913 En écoutant Sherlock-Holmes [FR]
Listening to Sherlock-Holmes
J. Stylo
1914 The Adventures of Herr Lock Shomes: The Mystery of the Elastic Bands Anonymous Herr Lock Shomes
1914 La Mort de Herlock Sholmès, ou les bandits en habit noir [BE]
The Death of Herlock Sholmès, or the rogues in black clothes
Walter de Wattyne & Pierre de Wattyne Herlock Sholmès
---.04.1914 The Adventure of the Strange Sound Alain C. White
10.05.1914 Un nouvel exploit de Sherlock Holmes [FR]
A New Exploit of Sherlock Holmes
G. G.
20.05.1914 The Adventures of Herr Lock Shomes: The Mystery of the Acetylene Lamp Anonymous Herr Lock Shomes
1915-1930 The Adventure of Herlock Sholmes & Dr. Jotson x100 Charles Hamilton Herlock Sholmes & Dr. Jotson
---.05.1915 The Adventure of the Clothes-Line Carolyn Wells
22.10.1915 Дело Канадских Грабителей [RU]
The Case of the Canadian Robbers
Arkady Boukhov
05.02.1916 Herlock on the War The Bark (Anonymous) Herlock Sholmes & Watson
1916 An Irreducible Detective Story Stephen Leacock
1916 The Hound of the Tankervilles Ellis Parker Butler Philo Gubb
06.03.1917 Un beau coup de Sherlock Holmes [FR]
A Nice Move from Sherlock Holmes
1918 Sherlock Holmes and Certain Critics Ellis G. Roberts
1918 Конец Шерлока Холмса [RU]
The End of Sherlock Holmes
Arkady Boukhov
07.06.1919 Baffled!! Anonymous Sherlog Combes
1920 The Unique Hamlet Vincent Starrett
1920 The Footprints on the Ceiling Jules Castier Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson
13.11.1920 Sézig Holmes, l'homme qui perce le mystère [FR]
Sézig Holmes, the man who solves the mystery
Lucio Dornano Sézig Holmes
04.12.1920 Mme Sherlock Holmes [FR]
Mrs. Sherlock Holmes
Robert Destez
1921 An Idle Quill: Sherlock Holmes
13.08.1921 Decoding An Adolescent Daughter Anonymous Sherlock Bones
22.07.1922 Raffles, Sherlock Holmes, la Lady et sa femme de chambre [FR]
Raffles, Sherlock Holmes, the Lady and her Maid
Pierre Benard
17.11.1922 Le Train perdu : Dernier exploit de Sherlock Holmes [FR]
The Lost Train: Last Exploit of Sherlock Holmes
Adrien Vély
1924 Vierge quand même ! [FR]
Still Virgin!</pan>
CAMI Loufock Holmès
---.06.1924 How Watson Learned the Trick Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
08.08.1924 L'Affaire du trou de souris (joke) [FR]
The Case of the Mouse Hole
25.11.1924 80 francs, un Pardessus et un Taxi [FR]
80 francs, an Overcoat and a Taxi
1925 Holmes and the Dasher Anthony Berkeley
10.09.1925 Sherlock Holmes contre Conan Doyle [FR]
Sherlock Holmes versus Conan Doyle</pan>
G. de la Fouchardière
13.12.1925 L'Intelligence Service [FR] Z. 4.999
1926 Les Aventures de Loufock-Holmès x2 [FR]
The Adventures of Loufock-Holmès</pan>
CAMI Loufock Holmès
16.03.1926 Un émule de Sherlock Holmes [FR]
A Disciple of Sherlock Holmes
Maurice Morelo
1927 The End of Sherlock Holmes A. E. P.
02.04.1927 La Dernière de Holmès [FR]
The Last of Holmès
Alphonse Dufau
11.05.1927 The Mysterious Ink Blots Anonymous
1928 The Adventures of Solar Pons August Derleth Solar Pons & Parker
1928 Le Cas du Maharadj de Sivaguingué [FR]
The Case of the Maharadjah of Sivaguingué
Jean Prudhom
06.12.1928 Sherlock Holmes au Paradis (joke) [FR]
Sherlock Holmes in Heaven
1929 Le Crime sur le toit [FR]
The Crime of the Roof
Louis-Léon Martin & André Pigelet
01.01.1929 La Dernière aventure de Sherlhock Holmès [FR]
The Last Adventure of Sherlhock Holmès
Georges Avryl Sherlhock Holmès
---.02.1929 De Sherlock Holmes à Mayerling [FR]
From Sherlock Holmes to Mayerling
Marc Daubrive
29.11.1929 L'Affaire du bouton de culotte (joke) [FR]
The Case of the Trouser Button
Le Petit Grégoire
Christmas 1929 The Mary Queen of Scots Jewel William O. Fuller
14.09.1930 Sherlok Holmes [FR] Simplicissimus Sherlok Holmes
24.02.1931 A la manière de Conan Doyle [FR]
In the Style of Conan Doyle
Simon Arbellot
04.11.1931 A la manière de Sherlock Holmes [CH]
In the Style of Sherlock Holmes
1932 The Ruby of Khitmandu Hugh Kingsmill
1932 His Last Scrape: or, Holmes, Sweet Holmes! Rachel Ferguson
1933 The Adventure of the Murdered Art Editor Frederic Dorr Steele
1933 The Canterbury Cathedral Murder Frederic Arnold Kummer & Basil Mitchell Shirley Holmes & Joan Watson
16.06.1933 Le Petit Sherlock Holmes [FR]
The Young Sherlock Holmes
Ludovic Fortolis
1934 The Case of the Missing Patriarchs Logan Clendening
1934 Sherlock Holmes à Chamonix [FR]
Sherlock Holmes in Chamonix
Carlo Rim
1935 The Case of the Diabolical Plot Richard Mallett
1936 Christmas Eve S. C. Roberts
03.01.1937 Le Fils de Sherlock Holmes x15 [FR]
The Son of Sherlock Holmes
William-Napoléon Grove
03.04.1937 Les Aventures d'Electrock-Holmes [FR]
The Adventures of Electrock-Holmes
06.10.1937 Sherlock Holmes in Downing Street [RU] A. Abramov
11.12.1938 L'énigme d'Heideborcht [FR] G. A. Herlock Sholmès & Satwon
1941 The Man who was not Dead Manly W. Wellman
1942 The Adventure of the Illustrious Impostor Anthony Boucher
1943 The Adventure of the Remarkable Worm Stuart Palmer
1945 The Strange Case of the Megatherium Thefts S. C. Roberts
---.02.1947 The Adventure of the First Class Carriage Ronald A. Knox
1952-1954 The Exploits of Sherlock Holmes Adrian Conan Doyle & John Dickson Carr
20.05.1959 From A Detective's Notebook P. G. Wodehouse
24.06.1965 The Singularge Experience of Miss Anne Duffield John Lennon

  1. First pastiche of a Conan Doyle's non Sherlock Holmes story.